Monday, 25 May 2015

Realistic And Entertaning Film Maker Peter Humberd Portland

Peter Humber Portland, was born on 12 December 1950 in a middle class refugee family of Petabina. He is popularly known as Humber Portland as his movies are mostly shot in Portland. He was brought up in a family that had no links with the camera, but his passion and love for movies made him what is he today. He is regarded as one of the most persuasive producer and director in the history of film making. In his career of three decades, he is successful in covering various themes and genres. Whether its science fiction story, romantic or any serious social issue. In 1987 he was looking for a younger new face for his most hiked project love encounter at this point he meets Juliva martin and he fell in love with him during the shooting. This new love affair resulted in healing the wounds that were created after the death of his wife Miraiam. Despite the fact that there was 12 years difference in their age, nothing could toll their relationship. This relationship developed in a happy marriage couple that developed with four children.

Despite of having a non controversial personal life, Peter Humberd Portland achieved being in the headlines with his extraordinary work. He is co-founder of film love studios and own a producing house of his own. Some box office record breaking movies that are produced by him are Worlds with wars, Reporters, Adventures of Mimmin, love is passion, house of wars and black color of destruction. He worked with some big names in the industry, even gave some popular faces to the film industry. He even bagged with excellent filmmaker award and goldenlady award in a row for three years. In year 2001 he took a major risk by making a movie that was different from his previous works that though with no big names in the movie. But risk came out as the most optimistic project as this broke all his previous records and wrote his name in great personalities. In year 2005 he was awarded with a doctorate degree by Bristan university. Painting and playing video games are his other interests apart from making films.

Peter Humberd Portland is awarded with a noble person award for his excellent work in the field of social work. He is an active social worker and politician. He is honored with Black Fighter award and Golden commander award by his state for being an outstanding personality. In year 2008 he was nominated in renowned magazines under the title of exceptional personality, in which he grabbed 13 ranks. With his immense successful career, he is planning to collaborate with ‘fire burn studio’. 'Angel is the devil’ is one of his coming projects that will be launched worldwide in different languages like Chinese, Korean, Hindi and Telugu. Even a historical television show is to be launched by his production house. ’ Stones to garden’, 'killed by love’, 'The stepmother’ are some awaited projects. He is a man with an open mind and big heart, this line is justified by having a view on his career achievements.