Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Peter Humberd – The Creative Artist

One of the fine qualities that a creative field requires is originality and a perspective. Perhaps that is what one of the fine gentlemen of film industries- Peter Humberd (Film Maker) brings to the table. Without any history in films, he has become a famous name, creating an aura with the films he has made and the creative direction he has pursued. Becoming famous, and becoming famous with quality work is different, and Humberd finds himself in the latter bracket, definitely.

Peter Humberd didn’t have a fine childhood. In fact, his family was a refugee family from Petabina, and was born on 12th December 1950. He comes from a middle class family with no history in films. Eventually, films caught his frenzy and he turned into one of the film schools. He passed it with flying colors, being an excellent student. He raised bar because of his interested in this field- he raised the bars for others and raised his passion in this creative line.

From then on, it has been some of the fine and creatively and content-wise different work that we have often seen on display. With so much of content, unless you do something extra ordinary, you can’t shine. This is what Peter Humberd (Film Maker) has been doing on and on to garnet the kind of responses very few in the industry have been fortunate to have. His name is synonymous with quality and off-beat cinema. Despite there being so much of the off-beat cinema, still there is a respect for quality, and Humberd thoroughly deserves that.

Peter Humberd (Film Maker) is also fondly known as Humberd Portland because majority of his films are based in Portland. In fact, he shoots and bases almost each of his film in the land he’s familiar with, has grown-up with, and has created something of a niche for himself- something he’s almost synonymous with. Today, after over decades of hard quality work, Peter Humberd is known for consistency and true grit in creating extraordinary moments for viewers. He makes an extra effort to get the perfection he looks for in every single frame.