Monday, 9 January 2017

Peter Humberd - A Champion in Unconventional Films

Peter Humberd is a well known figure in the international film circuit for his unconventional style of film making. But, that has not come easy. He had to make numerous sacrifices and endure a whole lot of struggles for the claim to fame.
Early Life and History
Born on 12th December 1950, Humberd belonged to a middle class family of refugees in Petabina. With no prior attachment to films, his family was unaware of his in-born qualities of a film maker that required keen eye for detail and creativity.
As he struggled past his childhood, he decided to take up film making as a career. He got himself enrolled in various film institutions. He worked hard as a student and passed all his exams with flying colours. In fact, the film schools honed his skills as an artist and sharpened his creative bend of mind.
Film and Inspiration
Ask Humberd about his inspiration and he would answer-LIFE. He defines how film-making is inspired from the daily struggles of a human being and how he drew inspiration from his own struggles. Needless to say, his films display hardships with positivity. Be it romance, thriller or tragedy, there is a message that audience takes home.
Humberd believes that a film should entertain the mass, but should never ignore the lessons that life has to throw at mankind. He says he drew a lot of inspiration from the place where he resided during his childhood. In an honest confession, he agrees that most of his films are based on Portland for the sole reason that he prefers working with a familiar setting. In fact, this has earned him a name- Humberd Portland.
Unconventional in his approach to film making, Humberd is known for creating illusive moments for his audience. A perfectionist himself, Peter Humberd has become an institution in himself and is inspiring many youngsters to follow his way.
Creating a Niche
Originality and perception define creativity. And Humberd is an epitome. His eye for miniscule details and hunger for an honest narrative sets him apart in the box-office-driven film industry.
There are no second thoughts about the clarity in his thought process. His films, thus, always cut a mark that lingers long in one’s memory.
A Beautiful Mind
Humberd is a social worker too. Owing to his humble background, he believes in creating a beautiful world around him. Moreover, he has contributed a lot to the betterment of the society by helping the needy in every possible way.
A beautiful mind has a beautiful soul. And Humberd has proved that in every way. Grounded to his roots, Humberd has brought the simplicity of his character to his films. It goes without saying, how he enjoys narrating the story of his life through the camera. He enjoys life and the people around him, from where he draws inspiration for his films.
A creative artist par excellence, Peter Humberd is not just a name; it is a personality that etches class, generosity, and humbleness in a simplistic manner.